eLearning Packages for Friday, 25 Sept 2015


During school closure, your child can access eLearning packages on the Edulearn Portal from 11am. For technical help, call 67779661 (Monday-Friday: 7.30am-6.00pm). 





School closed on Friday (25th Sep 2015) due to worsening haze situation


Following NEA's 7pm forecast that the 24-hour PSI for 25 September is in the mid to high section of the 'Very Unhealthy' range and may enter the low end of the hardzardous range, MOE, in consultation with MOH, has made the decision to close all primary and secondary schools on 25 September 2015. Lessons will be suspended.

Parents who are unable to make alternative care arrangements may continue to send their children to school and teachers will supervise them. School-based care centres will also remain open for their existing students.





Caring Teacher Awards 2016


Click Caring Teacher Awards logo to get details about the award. 
Nomination forms must be submitted by 12 October 2015.




SCC 2015


Dear parents of students who are currently with the SCC, the registration forms will be passed to you through your child.


For other students who are interested to enroll in the SCC, the form to indicate your interest for Student Care Services in 2015 is now available on the website. Details of the registration process is found in the letter.


Please click on the link below to download the SCC 2015 form:

SCC form 2015


Thank you.





C-Quest - A Mobile App Game to promote Conversations about Cyber Wellness between Parents and Children.


Parents can now download a new mobile game app, C-Quest, and have conversations on cyber wellness with their children. Developed by the Ministry of Education and targeted at parents with children aged 10 to 14, C-Quest is specially designed to facilitate meaningful parent-child conversations on their online experiences. Through the game, students will also learn to be safe, respectful, and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


For more information, please access the "Parents' Corner - Updates and News". 






Kindly find the link for the Parents In Education website under "Parents' Corner". We invite you to navigate and access the resources and information on this website – a website intended to bring you into the shared journey of educating your child.